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Friday, May 29

NASA Coliseum

Closet Cases Opened
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There are gay people everywhere! In sports! In politics! In cars! In utero! In Uranus! But back to the politics thing... There are indeed gayz people in politics, but it's not so crystal Pepsi clear as to who is boner fide gay cause our country isn't all that lady gaga for gaylord perrys, which is totally stoopid cause gay people are juss like you and we, but they like to make love more than you do, and usually do it with people of a similar sex. Anywho, back to the/our point: there are gay people in politics. Unless them gay pols are comfortable in their own skin, like takin it in the MASShole Congressman Barney Frank, mos keep that kinda hot button info in the closet (like MJ shoulda done with this video). Now staying closeted is understandable cause our country is totally gay, but in a lame way, not in a gay way, but it is completely uneggceptable when such people end up with voting records that are steep deep in opposition of gay rights and recognition. And that's what Kirby Dick's doc is all about, the outting of several Washingtonian playas (sometimes with flimsy evidence and hearsay, although it's interesting to hear what they say, including Jim McGreevey) who need to be outted by others cause they may be gay and if they are indeed gay then why are they so against gay people? That's what most openly gay people want to know, and they are OUTRAGEd!! And even if yer straighter than George Strait, it's umpossible for you to walk away not feeling the same way

Hip 2 Be Full Circle: every time we hear the word 'hypocrisy' (as heard in the film about a flozen times) we think of the early 90s Michael Franti fronted group, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, and every time we think of them we think of their incredible Dead Kennedys cover(ish) 'California Über Alles' [d] (this particular version is a remix that appeared on the DK tribute album Virus 100)

Verdictgo: Jeepers Mos Def Worth A Peepers

What Goes Up
(this is too ez) ...Must Come Down
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Remember teacher turned Challenger astronaut victim Christa McAuliffe? If you lived in the 80s you moist certainly do and if you didn't live in the 80s, then have you truly lived? Seriously, have you? We had New Coke, Max Headroom and Max's Video from The Lost Boys and you didn't. Sorry, we got off track here, so back to the point: there are gay people in politics. Wait, we already went there, done that, been went done. OK. What Goes Up is not really about Christa McAuliffe, although she's the background that keeps us slightly interested as to what's going on in the foreground. Reporter Steve Coogan arrives to McAuliffe's New Hampshire hometown, days before the shuttle's launch, and as soon as he's settled in to town, so does the film, and anything cinematic about it. Coogan meets and gold bonds with a bunch of kids who are deeply wounded after their beloved teacher suddenly dies (wait, this is a story about 2 dead teachers?), and the wordy word fest begins and never ends and the film reverts back into it's original source material, a play. By the intermission, you'll probably have had enuff (fythighs - movies don't have intermissions anymore... last one we remember with one was Spike Lee's Malcolm X... speaking of, here's an online article about that movie from 1991!! was there even an internet in 1991? was there life before the internet? actually there was, it was the 80s and Max Headroom was drinking New Coke)

While the film qwikly loses it's luminosity, it's bright young cast doesn't fade out for a second. There's Hilary Duff (we love that she keeps trying like crazy to shed her ye olde Disney ways with edgier roles, and for the most part of her young career, it's been working), Olivia Thirlby and Josh Peck (another Disney alum), and yes those last two were in The Wackness together and this film is kinda like that film cause it's a bit wack, but it also has a lil bit of jazz hands, at the hands of Molly Shannon, so it's also a bit like Coogan's mildly amusing, but ultimately underwhelming Hamlet 2. What Goes Up is like The Letness Wackham 2. You bet it is! Sure wish writers Robert Lawson and Jonathan Glatzer (also handling the directing duties) brought McAuliffe's tragedy to the front of the line, cause her story deserves its own movie and this movie coulda been that movie. Also, another movie wethinks this movie shoulda coulda would been would revolve around the nutty ultradynamic duo of Ingrid Nilson and Andrea Brooks. They're like the Grey Gardens gals, but both young and out of the house, and as we all know, girls are more fun outta the house than they are in the house (see Rachel Ray's $40 A Day as an example vs her unwatchable shows where she's stuck in a studio). C'mon, tell us you don't want to see a whole movie based around this character...

Verdictgo: Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

What Goes Up opens today in limited release, where Outrage is already fortunate

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed...