Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, May 11

Mouth Peace

Forks Out 2
Charles Jerome

I. P.

1930 - 2009

Jack French

1935 - 2009

Danny Gans
the girl who named Planet X Pluto!!!
The Great Escape gardner
Broadway Danny's bro Playboy Buddy Rose
Marilyn Monroe's brother in law
one of the last surviving Munchkins
Newman/Woody/Meryl/Sarandon representer
a woman with a room
world's oldest Benedictine monk
Zabo and his abs
Mrs Tucci
longest iron lunger
the one-time face of Dristan nasal decongestant
& NBC's
Crusoe, a wrecked ship
Kath & Kim was never funny
Kings, didn't get crowned
Knight Rider, outta gas
Life, death
Lipstick Jungle, finally less sex in the city
and My Own Worst Enemy, its own worst enemy

a merry belated 63rd b-day to the pied piper, the hurdy gurdy man, the cosmically wheeled, mr sunshine superman, our (and David Lynch's) effin boy of boys, Donovan