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Wednesday, May 27

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The Girlfriend Experience
No Experience Necessary
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Remember how boring 998/999ths of Soderbergh's Che was? Well at least that movie had guns, a story, beards, revolution and Catalina Sandino Moreno. Nerderbergh has returned small time to his small pictures and the resulting Girlfriend Experience is mildly more amusing than the unamusing Full Frontal exercise, but not even close to being in the same breath as the major of his minor leagues, the fantastic Bubble, which is without question his bestest movie (long live Misty Dawn Wilkins!). Look, being a call girl escort prostitute (acted in the film with the skill of a porn actress by... porn actress Sasha Grey) in reality probably isn't all that interesting, endlessly listening to guys talk about their boring Wall Street jobs or Steve Jobs or Job 3:16 or Dirk Calloway spying on Mr. Blume and Miss Cross giving each other hand jobs, all while giving her Johns whatever kinda job they want, and dealing with a boyfriend who can't deal with the fact that she's a call girl escort prostitute, but ya wanna know what, the flick didn't have to be at all boring... or edited out of sequence for no better reason than to take yer mind off at how boring it hactually is. Have you seen Secret Diary of A Call Girl? Answer yes and you can skip Girlfriend Experience cause then you already know how entertaining the life of a call girl escort prostitute can be, and if the answer is no, cause only 9 people have Showtime, then do yerself a flavor and watch the loose lipped Billie Piper show and still skip Girlfriend Experience... even though we did loves ourselves the brief but brilliant onscreen work of Premiere's Glenn Kenney (and Thighs Wide associate Ben Finklestein) more than the entire body of this work that doesn't work. It's not a movie, it's an exercise in making 78 minutes feeling like the 330 minuted 1927 Napoléon epic. Yes, Napoléon is the only film longer than Benjamin Button

Hurl Grey: we had so much trouble finding really naughty pictures of Ms Grey, so may we present to you the sauciest pic of her from the internet's lot

Verdictgo: Slit Your Eyes Out Repoopulous

Girlfriend is currently playing in limited release, but can be seen right at home on Video On Demand, but this is one video you don't want to demand

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed...