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Tuesday, May 12

Golden Archdukes

Franz Ferdinand
Roseland Ballroom
May 7th

The list was set, and the Glaswegian quartet set it off, more so than Queen Latifah could ever do, but about the same as when we saw em the first time, and a couple o times after that first time, although they say there's nothing quite like the first time, cept we'd have to say, there's nothing like the holidays, yet we haven't seen that film which chronicles the downs and ups of the Rodriguez clan. Even though their new album Tonight is a lil hum-ho and a tad yesterdayish (is that Joy Division we hear?), nothing can stop The Archdukes from raising the roof (new standout trax 'No You Girls' and 'Twilight Omens' certainly stood out), well besides a bunch of Amish folk who are raising barns and hell!