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Monday, April 27

Sacrificial Lambient

Webster Hall
April 25th

Yes, we are one of those very few who are still keeping the Travis flame alive. Yes, that same Travis band you gave up on ages ago cause they didn't turn out to be huge as Coldplay even though they should have been and also cause they're munch better than Coldplay and Coldplay knows it. Travis has consistently been releasing quality music ever since their second album, The Man Who, dropped in '99, and they is alsos perhaps one of the finest cover bands going, tackling such ditties along the way as 'Hit Me Baby One More Time', 'Here Comes The Son' & 'I Kissed The Girl'. Their original songs are stadium anthems, yet they never get to play them in stadiums... well, at least in American they don't get to. Over the years wees taking them for granted and for granite. Every time they set their tour dates we semi-reluctantly get tickets, but after seeing them we're always glowing with mad love for the Scottish foursome like it was the very first time (the last first time was last year's Irving Platz show). This past Saturday's show, in support of their new disc Ode To J Smith, was no different, and the only new revelation we have to report is how much lead singer Fran Healey looks like a cooler version of Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul

Thighs Wide Fact: our term 'Peace The Fork Out' is an homage to a Travis song with a similar name. the first time we used it was back in the '04

Issue Project Room
April 24th

Like with Travis, we haven't given up on Moby either, even though the last time we saw him perform live was back in the '05. This show was billed as his first ever 'seated electronic/ambient show', yet we didn't get there early enuff to snag a seat, so for moist of the time we stood uncomfortably as Moby twiddled knobs and played on his iMac, while random fartsy artsy images were projected all around. It was strange and weird and odd and sometimes boring, kinda like watching any piece of video art found at the Whitney's Biennial, but lessthenone it was well interesting and well worth the $15 paid for this special benefit show for the Issue Project Room. He played some stuff we knew, like 'God Moving Over the Face of the Waters', which is one of the mos beautiful pieces of music we've ever heard, even if it was used in the final scene of the not so beautiful Michael Mann flick Heat, and a bunch of other stuff we weren't so familiar with. The crowd didn't know what to do, but sit and watch baldy twiddle dem knobs. It was only until he closed his set with the Twin Peaks infused 'Go' that them peeps stood up and clapped like mad. We love clapping and think people don't do enuff of it at concerts, and we're not talking about applause when the song is over, but clapping while the song is goings on, like keeping the beat and the like. Whatevsers, that's a bigger issue that we'll tackle some other time, like when we're kings of the world and leon. We're lookin fwd to his next album (hispecially since his last one Last Night was so fantaboulous, and yet no one cared) and a return to real touring with a band and shiz

other notes of news: before Moby we dined at Buttermilk Channel. while their fried chicken and waffles were more faancy than they were hammazin', we totally dug their homemade pickles, sweet potato & goat cheese croquettes and maple & bacon roasted almonds (we heard they prevent the swine flu!)