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Friday, April 10

In Good Companies

there's The Office...

...and then there's everything else that claims it's a comedy. with such geniusnessness, it's no wonder that NBC let their makers make a not so spin-off spin-off in Parks In Recreation, which is the equivalent of Futurama to The Simpsons, which means it has the right look and feel, but is about as funny as the American version of Kath & Kim was, which if you didn't know contained about 1 laff per 4 episodes. then again, the first few American Office eps were kinda poop sandwichistic and eventually blossomed into what is perhaps the greatestestest situational comedy mt EVERest. fo'reals, five'reals, six'reals!

long live The Michael Scott Paper Company!
(and Kevin's Kool-Aid Man face!)

and big props de leon for making Pam's replacement (and the root of Andy & Dwight's hammazin 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' serenade) edward james almos as adorable as she is! meat Ellie Kemper

who, like Jenna Fischer, hails from St Louis

+ 'Silent E' on the Electric Company

have a good friday everyone and an even gooder saturday and an even gooder good Easter and a righteous Wester to anyone who celebrates that!