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Wednesday, April 15

Band Meeting of The Minds

Flight of the Conchords
+ Kristen Schaal

Radio City Music Hall
April 14th

After all is done and said, season 2 of Flight of the Conchords has to be seen as a major let down, his&herspecially since season 1 was the knee's bees and francis scott keys to tulsa. The comedy bits we're moist certainly notch top, but a majority of the songs were more forgettable than this guy's cover of 'Unforgettable'. But cha know what, maybe we gunned the jump too soon on them songs. Our eggspectations on season 2 were more high than Cypress Hill smoking banana peels on the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus, and of course it waz gonna be mission impossible for America's mos flavorite Kiwis to deliver on them eggspectations. Season 1 covered a decade's worth of beyond solid and thunderdome song craftsmanship, and come to think of it, Bret & Jemaine hactually did an admirable job piecing together another batch of tunes in less than a year and a half for season 2

Why this sudden change of heart? Wellsz, if you heard theirs newish songs live that you probably didn't really care for that much when ya heard them the first time on the TVs ( 'Demon Woman', 'We're Both In Love With a Sexy Lady' and 'Hurt Feelings') and then found yoselfves rocking out hard and larffing out even harder to em at a concert juss as much as yous did to their olden songs then you'd probably change yer tune about thems tunes too! Time will ultimately be kind to these new songs (it already has to such insta classics as 'Carol Brown', 'Sugalumps' and 'Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor'), but in the meantime, we're going to be kind and rewind and rewatch season 2 all over again, w/o the preconceived notions and potions, and break out the lotion for pure enjoyment!

And oh yeah, Kristen 'Mel' Schaal opened the show (thankfully w/o her usual partner Kurt Braunohler) and she shined on more than the crazy diamond that is Dustin Diamond. Translation = she's thighlarious to the bone, and that's quite an honor coming from us since we don't find many ladies all that humorous besides our mother, Carol Kane, Anna Faris and Georgia O'Keeffe (those vagina paintings are too fun-E Georgia!)

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