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Tuesday, February 24

No Shirt, No Cervix

if you were ever pondering these two questions at the same time, what was Dev Patel doing before Slumdog Millionaire and whatever became of that boy (Nicholas Hoult) from About A Boy, then girl o girl, do we've got an answer for you! and it also happens to be the greatestest (first season of a) teen television show we've ever seen mt EVEReverEVEReverEVEReverEVEReverst! (of course much respek to Wonder Years, My So Called Life and Hey Dude)

whatever you have to do, do the first season of Skins. it's like Kids, but a little less horrific, but 109% more British, and the characters are so real that they're even more real than The Real Ghostbusters playing Real Madrid. juss take one look at these kids and tell me you don't want to hang out with them, or at least watch them do their thang from afar

meat the gang

(above, left to right) Anwar, the drinking Muslim; Tony, the hot bastard; Michelle, his girlfriend; Jal, the bitchy musician; Sid, Tony's lackey/BFF who's in love with his GF; Maxxie, the gay one; Cassie, the lonely dreamer; (not pictured) Chris, the animal of parties; Effy, Tony's sister

we heart Cassie (the beyond adorable Hannah Murray) above all

she's like Courtney Love
with the brain of Sylvia Plath
and the looks of Hope Davis

although the hottiest of the hotness in terms of hots
has gotta be the TILF (teacher ILF)

Angie (Siwan Morris)

haven't u seen enuff pretty pictures?
well imagine how purty them pictures will are be in motion?

Hail to the Skins!

peas note: season 1 and 2 aired and reairs stateside on BBC America (we missed the first airings too so we had to rent...), season 1 is on DVD (season 2 drops in the US in April), and season 3, which features an entirely new cast (save Effy and some other minors), is currently airing in the UK

spreaking of watching stuff

has anyone seen anything more than
the thighlarious trailer of The Office XXX?
if so tellpray/praytell

starring our mos flavorite NSFW chipmunker Ashlynn Brooke!

boo nus: give listenage to the Gossip's 'Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Mix)' [d] from the riznockin soundtrack