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Wednesday, December 10

Snooze Doggy Dog

Wendy And Lucy
Bare Bones
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Girl named Wendy (Michelle Williams) on way to Alaska. She has short haircut and is sad (Heath's death?). Her car breaks down not in Alaska. She have no money. She seem have no family or support. Gets arrested for shoplifting. Loses beloved dog (Lucy). Searches for dog. Sometimes walks places. Sometimes takes bus. Don't want to ruin anything but she finds dog. Meets people along way. One is nice old guy with bushy eyebrows who guards parking lot (Wally Dalton). He wise. If he so wise why he have such shitty job? Will Patton in movie. Why? Dunno, definitely not for money cause movie made on $4 budget. Trailer alot like SherryBaby's, cause it be touting the brave acting performance over everything, that cause there aint nuttin else. Is movie Arty? Yes. Boring? As balls! If see, bring pillow, but no need bring sleep medicine. Movie coma inducing enuff as is. We actually napping whilst writing this cause remembering movie make us tired... tired of arty farty movies that borings us to deaths. Michelle Williams is great though, but haircut even greaterer. Movie where she loses dog, finds dog, doesn't eat hot dog, not so great. Movie directed by lady who made Old Joy. Haven't seen it, but after dog movie, don't really care to. Excuse please, must go back to sleep

Stand, Ubu, Stand! And Be Proud: we're still waiting for a movie to be made about UBU Productions and its beloved dog of the same name. That logo be the 10th bestest of all thymes according to yours drooly

Verdictgo: Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

W&L opens in NY today, LA on Friday and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed...