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Tuesday, December 9

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For Your Interviewing Pleasure
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Historic as a series of landmark TV broadcasts, then dramatized into a beloved stage play (or so we've heard) and now transformed into the phenomenal feature film, Frost/Nixon replays the revealing 1977 interviews, and the fly by the seat of its pants circumstances that made it all happen, between British TV presenter David Frost and our disgraced 37th President Richard Milhous Nixon. Adapted from his own West End/Broadway play, Peter Morgan (also the pen and teller of The Queen, Last King of Scotland and The Other Boleyn Girl) and his Frost (Michael Sheen, also his Tony Blair from The Queen, a performance so incredible that only a Queen could overshadow it) and his Nixon (Frank Langella, a veteran actor whose biggest role may have been as Skeletor in the Masters of The Universe movie) team-up again to give director Ron Howard his finest material to work with and his bestest film to date (well, besides Parenthood). Sam Rockwell, Kevin Bacon, Matthew Macfadyen, Toby Jones, and Oliver Platt all add cheerful energy to the affair, but are merely window dressing (as is Vicky Cristina Barcelona's hottie Rebecca Hall, who we wish did some window undressing) to the two main felleas divided by the slash

So what's the big deal with these interviews anywayz, eh? Nixon had been press shy ever since his resignation in August of 1974, and after his pardon by Gerald Ford, many thought he got off the hook for any wrongdoing involved with Watergate. Frost recognized this fact, and knew an exclusive interview would be a good thing for Nixon to try and save face, while it would make Frost a face to be recognized in the US. Both of their reputations were at stake, whatever was left of Nixon's and Frost really had no reputation in which to speak of over here, but put a lot of his own money on the line to make this all happen. Frost, as others perceived him to be (see his interview w/Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes), was out of his league interviewing someone like Tricky Dick, but when push came to shove, Frost pushed and shoved Nixon to basically apologize for betraying the country. Even as a recreation, in any form, this material is so rich that it's impossible to nto be spellbound by the spellbinding spells that are cast

The 70s were not only the last golden age of cinema (The Godfather I & II, Star Wars, Jaws, One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Clockwork Orange, and mos app, All The President's Men), but also the last great decade of crazy-insane-bananas shiz goings on that have been turned into cinematic (or documentary) gold: Nixon himself was a treasure trove (Oliver Stone's Nixon, Dan Hedaya ruled in Dick), and then there's Vietnam (name a movie, any movie), Jonestown (The Life and Death of Peoples Temple), the Patty Hearst kidnapping (Guerrilla), Harvey Milk's assassination (Milk, duh), the Munich Olympics (One Day In September, Munich, duh part II) and the list goes on and on. We hope today's filmmakers will continue to dig into that deep 70s well, and if they do, there will be plenty o' Breast In Shows for us to declare

Grin & Jarret: DUDE, Mitch Taylor/Sarah Jessica Parker's STILL ACTING!!! DATS RIGHT!! Gabriel Jarret (aka, the real name of that kid who played Mitch from Real Genius!!) plays Ken Khachigian, a Nixon speechwriter. Take a look at him here at the far right, and listen to him gab on the red carpet about his role! HOORAY FOR MITCH!!! PLEASE KEEP HIRING MITCH AND STOP HIRING HIS FAKE SISTER, HORSEFACE!!!

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Role Models
Role Played Out
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A cute movie to say the most, Role Models is ultimately purty darn lame, considering it's supposedly a comedy, which contains a grand total of 3 laffs. Lame be a dang shame cause this is the second straight vanilla offering (after The Ten) from former Statesmen David Wain, who apparently hasn't been able to top his Citizen Kane, Wet Hot American Summer. Role Models is a predictable tale (with no real tale to tell) about two dudes (Paul Rudd doing his Paul Rudd thing and Seann William Scott going back to his Stifler ways after showing us a lil something else in the little seen Promotion) who get in a spot of trouble and avoid jail by doing a month of community service. They land at Sturdy Wings, a big brother-little brother type place, headed up by an ex-addict (Jane Lynch doing her Jane Lynch thing) who used to eat cocaine for breakfast and lunch (wethinks that joke was intended to be funny). They're assigned to two oddball kids, who are actually normal cause theys juss kids. One's a foul-mouth black boy (Bobb'e J. Thompson), who has nothing much to add cept saying 'boobies' and other naughty words (guess it's funny if you still think the South Park kids cussing is funny). The other is a LARPer dork (McLovin, aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and we are happy to see him gettin sum mo work) with parents who juss don't understand. Stifler imparts his cleavage knowledge to the dirty worded kid, while Rudd teaches McLovin that it's OK to do whatever you want to do, as long as it makes you happy

There's other stuff goings on, like Rudd trying to win back his lady (Elizabeth Banks, wasting her time), but the majority of our time if filled with way too much LARPing (and way too much Ken Jeong, who's starting to wear out his welcome with us... even though he juss arrived on the scene). This woulda been a solid flick that you coulda brought your tweens to, considering the humor is well below sophomoric and it is surely sweet, but the pointless nudity and the aforementioned overuse of cuss words prevents this from having any kind of true audience. Feel free to disagree, but we personally like to laff with our comedies, not be mildly amused by em. Also, a small request Hollywurst: can we peas gets us some comedies made by fresh talent and starring people who aren't from a pool of the same 25 actors?

This Is How We Role: save an hour of yer life and juss re-watch the big brother-little brother Simpsons ep 'Brother From the Same Planet' instead

Verdictgo: Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Frost/Nixon, already playing in NY/LA, will hit up many theaters this Friday, where Role Models has been gettin overrated for weeks

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed...