Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Thursday, October 16

Joe Six Crack

spanks to John McCain's fear and loathing of ear marked pork barreled homeland terrorists (what, no love hate for $3 mil overhead projectors any mo?), money makin/tax hatin Joe The Plumber has juss been inducted into the Pipe Cleaners Hall of Drains. he joins an eggsclusive group of wrench monkeys such as...

Mario & Luigi

Mike Delfino

Ozzy Osbourne

Lee Marvin

Joe Cocker

Michael Flatley

Lon Chaney Jr.

G. Gordon Liddy

Amanda Plummer


Christopher Plummer

get yer Joe The Plumber sh%tty paraphernalia here

additional yelp from Midnight Plumbers
& much respek to Professor Plum
who's a few letters short of being included