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Monday, October 13

Hear Change

United Palace Theatre
October 10th

[mo pics from CLme]

OK, so we missed all but one MGMT song cause we were too busy throwing TVs outta hotel rooms, and that sucked (the missing MGMT part, not the TV tossin), but we promises to see them another thyme cause they is totes rad y cool. anywho, in a short but very very berry sweet performance Beck was an A-Pro. he mixed bidness with pleasure, homework with heather, the freaks flocked together, and all the lesbians screamed. he was youthful, not youthless and the trails he blazed were chem-licious. the new tunes from Modern Guilt sounded beyond amazin AND thunderdome that it's totally modern built to last, forevers. some might even say, his bestest work since the back2back infinite playlistednessness of Mutations and Midnite Vultures. he's a midnite marauder, and we hopesszz he keeps bouncing. too bad the audience was tres lames and didn't rock out as much as Beck or wees did. what's wrong with you nia peoples?

bi the gay, if yer ever seeing a show at the Palace, be sure to eat and poop yer brains out across the street at the original El Malecón (there's a second one located near ThighLand HQ). they have one of the moist yumtastic cubano sangwiches wees has mt EVERest had and mt FUJI!!!!

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