Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Wednesday, September 24


remember Peaches Records & Tapes?! didn't think so, but we do! before our area had Tower Records, we had Peaches! they would display their records in peach crates! eat that crate and barrel and patrick crayton barrel! they used to give customers free record-shaped gum that came in a mini record sleeves! that was more awesome than flawesome's creek! whatever that means!

Ben Kingsley's a minor threat!

Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, juss as unfunny as Family Guy or anything else that guy touches! please stop!

more Gorillaz!
maybe more Blur!
no more ProductShopNYC, wtf?!

the Stark Trek movie juss got a lil hotter!
anyone for a game of golf?!

Cardboard Box, Bath Mat, And Pinata!

Hulk Boobs smash! [Crusiespanko!]

Emma Rigby in an ugly bikini!

The 30 Worst Autobiography Pun Titles!

Sue Lyon!

Travis' kissed the girl!

a moment of silence Harold Faltermeye's Fletch theme in memory of Gregory McD! [Andre Dawson's Sondaw!]

Armed & Topless! [NSFW!]

and looking for that perfect gift for that special someone that loves wearing hats that have crazy quotes that came from the lips of crazy football coaches?! then look no further than Dennis Green's ™ed caps, including such classic phrases that payses like 'They Are Who We Thought They Were' and 'We Let Them Off The Hook'! wanna know what's off the hook?! these hats!!!

and this justin: MATT MILLEN, FINALLY FIRED!!