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Tuesday, September 16

Building Block
Rockin Beat Downs

The Glass Stampede: A Building-by-Building Survey of New York's Last Great Architecture Boom

these new (r)age buildings can kiss our glASSes, cause theys too shiny and borings, and aint as ghetto or as old as the ghetto old buildings theys replaced. wees happy New York is a safe place to live these days, but wees kinda sad that wees missed out on the ghetto old pre-Giulianified version of the city that scared the living day and nightlights outta us when wees watched The Warriors as kids. although upon further review, The Warriors aints that frightening anymo, and neither are the Baseball Furies, who truly are the mos flaming things since Richard Simmons challenged the Human Torch to a flaming Dr Pepper-a-Dickie-a-Thon