Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, August 19

Neil, Before Zod

Neil Diamond
Madison Square Garden
(A Hot) August (Night) 14th

[mo pics from another nite from HarveNYC]

Doooooooooode! NEIL FORKIN DIAMOND! HE SHONE ON, that crazy arsed DIAMOND did he, and now we can mos slap happily cross him off our muss see before he and we die list, like we dids with Stevie Wonds months ago. With a crowd consisting of only Wonder Bread white peoples and a median age of 62, Neil D (father of Dustin and Mike D) totally gave everyone their moneys worth and kevin duckworth, digging deep into his impressive vault of hits and beltin out a few new tunes from his solid and not gaseous current Rick Rubin produced effort Home Before Dark. It was all PRETTY AMAZING... GRACE. SWEET jesus and CAROLINE tit twas! He made us want to stay FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS. Someone didn't BRING HIM FLOWERS, but everyone showered him with love. Don't feel bad for the SOLITARY MAN cause he has a zillion adoring singletary women screamings non-stops. THANK THE LORD FOR THE NIGHTTIME and for creating Neil, who's like a hotter, more talented Mike Damone from Fast Times. Play him? PLAY ME cause he AM and he SAID! HELL YEAH! SONG SUNG BLUE made us white in the pants and made our palms CRACKLIN ROSIE. So glad we popped our Neil CHERRY, CHERRY the other TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODAY. Wees and I'M A BELIEVER!!!

Susic Mobbery saw the show a few nights before and had more intelligible things to spray