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Thursday, July 24


Jarvis Cocker
Terminal 5
July 22nd

[mo pics from skinvision]

Jarvis Cocker is a true showman. If you've seen em live, like we did last year, yous knows what we speaks of. If not, yer totes missing out and probably have yet to fall in love with his uber-brills solo debut from 2 years ago that's all about love & death & fat people. His voice rivals only James Earl Jones as tres breastest in all the world and the guy has moves as smooth as classic Michael Jackson (he even tried to upstage the Prince of Pop years ago [video]). Word has it that Jarvis is totally gonna rock out on his next album, and if the new tunes he showcased the other night at Terminal Illness 5 are any indication then that word is beyond bond, yo! He also played in Brooklyn the night before and the Vegan and Susic Mobbery both have reviews

And while we're here, lettuce celebrate other fine lads and diane ladds who totally rock horn-rimmed-ish glasses (with apologies to Chris Sabo)...

Woody Allen

Col Harland Sanders

Clark Kent, Reeve version

Clark Kent, Reeves version

Buddy Holly

Malcolm X

Harold Lloyd

Henry Kissinger

Larry King

Elvis Costello

Herbie Hancock

James Burke

The Nutty Professor

Tina Fey

Mobutu Sese Seko

Salvador Allende

Barry Goldwater

Bill Cullen

Drew Carey

Janeane Garofalo

Andy Dick

Rivers Cuomo

Graham Coxon

Jemaine Clement


Stephen Merchant

Lisa Loeb

60s Michael Cane

Austin Powers

Garth Algar

The Church Lady

Lasky, guard at Walleyworld

Rick 'The Wild Thing' Vaughn

Mark Cohen

Teddy Duchamp


Ernie from My Three Sons

Mr Garrison

Ugly Betty Suarez

Adam Savage

Noah Bennet

DJ Rick Adams


Velma Dinkley