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Monday, June 9

Sweat T-Shirt Contest

how was yer weakend? were you sweatin balls like wees were in Nueva York? a huge middle fingers goes out to anyone claiming they like the summers here cause they blow worse than Rob Schneider as an Arab taxi driver, although the summer means that fooball is juss around the corner. who-ray!

here's what we did this tweakend
in reverse order

Gnarls Barkley
Fillmore NY at Irving Plaza
June 8th

[mo pics, things, stuff @ BVeegs]

To celebrate the 150th Myspace Secret Show, Gnarls Barkley (with The Battles opening, although we missed that part) got the crowd (including our boy Just Jack) to sweat to their oldies as well as many of the new hot tunes off of their rawkin Odd Couple album. The show was very similar to the last time we caught em 2 years ago, although luckily there was no spandex crotch madness abound. One thing we don't really understand is why so many people left after 'Crazy' was played. First of all, these guys are far from being a one-hit wonder, since all their songs rule the school (hispecially 'Going On'), and secondly, that song has reached a 'Stairway To Heaven' level of overplayednessness that it's not even fun to listen to anymo. Even if the posers didn't stick around for the encore to hear 'Smiley Faces', we doubt they or anyone for that splatter walked away w/o one

Belmont Stakes
Belmont Park
June 7th

If you've never attended a leg (or thigh) of horseracing's Triple Crown, you owe to yerself to do so. We've only been to the Belmont Stakes, but once visited Churchill Downs, and it's an amazing place, even without all the derby derbs shiz goings on. Belmont Park isn't as glamorous (read: it's a dump hole), but we dare anyone not to enjoy a day at the races, herspecially when a horse has a shot to become the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed affirmed it up back in 1978. Well, so much for that Big Brown (read BB's private journal here), whose new nickname is Big Boo, which is also our nickname for the NY Football Giants. Anywhozitz, here's some snice pics we found on flickrrrr since our camera blows worse than Rob Schneider in any movie

Writer's Blockbuster
Trailers & Mo

Reprise is like the Norwegian equivalent of Run Lola Run or Trainspotting, with a crew of good looking cats trying to figure out what life's all about, a hip poster and soundtrack (Joy Division and Le Tigre), and a certain raw energy and style that only seems to exist in modern European cinema, but peas don't expect a non-stop frantic pace or the outright beyond bestness of either (we mean, c'mon, those were easily two of the grrrrrreatestest films of the 90s!). While Lola and Tspot dealt with crime and punishment of ones body, Reprise centers on two aspiring BFF writers (eggsalad work from both of the leads, Anders Danielsen Lie and Espen Klouman-Høiner), who have their share of ups and mainly downs on the path of fulfilling their literary dreams. This is a gem of a film that makes a fine alternative to all the superheroes and horsefaces currently clogging multiplexes nationwide

She Gives Us Norwegian Wood: all hail Viktoria Winge, who plays the long suffering, moon-faced g-friend of one of the writers

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Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Reprise is currently playing in limited release

until next thyme the balcony is clothed...