Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, June 2

Peace To The Future

Forks Out
Ellas Bates
'You Don't Know'
Bo Diddley

1928 - 2008

'Yves Henri Donat
Mathieu Saint Laurent'


1936 - 2008

the Andy Griffith whistling dixie
Mike Piazza from base a balls
dude with 122 patents
Lorenzo and his oil
the mama of DC's It's Academic

probably the greatestistest
set loss of our time

The Entire
Courthouse Square
of Hill Valley

'Eggcept for the Clocktower'
Back To The Future

1955/1985 - 2008

61 pics of Universal shiz on fire
& hamazing pics of the Courthouse Square set