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Tuesday, June 10

My Blue Milk Heaven
Is Where It's AT-AT

Han Solo, Mos Eisley pimp daddy in A New Hope?

Luke Skywalker, Phantom Menace of the Opera in Empire?

Princess Leia, Mother Teresa of Tatooine in Jedi?


click no further than
Star Wars Cut Scenes
for much undiscovered image and VIDEO (!!!!) bestness, including, but not Lucasfilm LTD to Wampa attacks, Luke's Poncho, his dorky friends and where Aunt Beru gets her blue milk (!!!)


from that site
we uncovered sumtang even more hamazing

Return of the Ewok
a 24-minute mockumentary starring a then 11 year-old Warwick Davis (aka Wicket), and many familiar faces (and Veruca Salt's dad?) and places from ROTJ

watch full version w/sh%tty bootleg video spliced in
or a highlight version with the best video quality available
(which sadly happens to be Warwick's VHS copy)

[many spanks to Navi The Terrible Bowler]