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Monday, June 2

Many Shades of White

The Raconteurs
Terminal 5
May 31st

[mo pics from roxxan23]

The Raconteurs are easily the greatest side project band that isn't really a side project band. We're sure in Jack White's mind that the White Stripes will always be first and foremost, but we bet he has a lot more fun kicking it with three talented fellas (including Brendan Benson, who's voice is a perfect complement to White's) than watching Meg's main talent, her boobs, bounce up and down (seen here in all their NSFW fake glory ). Anywho, we caught the Racs the other night at the newish Terminal 5 venue, which is a purty amazing place despite being one giant fire hazard when exiting. Their new yumcredible album, Consolers Of The Lonely [buy], rocks a lot more than their debut, and thus it was no real sirprize that their show rocked a lot more than when we saw em at Lolla back in the '006. These babies are on the level, so if you haven't given in yet, there's no butter thyme than now

additional coverage of their three NY shows can be found at Modern Age & B-Vegan