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Tuesday, June 3

It's For A Great Cos

bid on Bill Cosby's oogly Cosby Show sweaters in the name of charity [BJNewms]

Bad Sweater Guy

alternate coffin endings to last week's Lost season finale

confetti on foreheads are so in. Juss ask Coldplay's Chris Martin

non US hottie Rosamund Pike decides that dudes who wear red shades are not worth marrying

Pam Beesly answers your questions, and no, she's not dating John Krasinski in real life, or Dan in real life

Altavista's handy Babel Fish website and text translator is now Yahoo's

Chinese FHM spread with like wicked hot chicks doing stuff AND things!

wine tasting never looked so good [NSFW]

How Do You Spell Numbnuts?

and how'd we forget to bid adieu and forks out to the flyest Anne Boleyn of (blue) balls thyme, Natalie Dormer?

hopefully this NSFW clip of her having sex in the woods with Henry the VIII will make up for it