Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, June 10

Hair Peace

Forks Out
James (Jim) Kenneth
'Wide World of Bestness'
McManus (McKay)

1921 - 2008

rent One Day In September NOW

Melchor Gaston
'I Banged Audrey Hepburn
And You Didn't'


1917 - 2008

'Poster With The Moster'

1940 - 2008

The Dominator sez see you later
gappy toothed Gayhan from fooball
director of OG Scent of a Woman
the kid who had a Wonderful Life
The Second City comedy founder
Steelers' Mad Dog
dude who saved old Hollywood shiz
Corbin Bernsen's dad
Abe Lincoln, again


Fredric J.
'Once you pop, you can't stop'

whose ashes are to be buried in his own invention
1918 - 2008