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Wednesday, June 4

Air America

The US Air Guitar Championships - NY Regionals
Bowery Ballroom
June 3rd

[mo pics from trixiebedlam]

The Bowery Ballroom is hands and thighs down one of the bestest music venues in the world. We've seen many a top notch shows there, big and small (including, but not limited to Blur, The Hives, Amy Winehouse, Keane and even Huey Lewis and The News) , but we haven't seen anything quite like what went on there last night. The US Air Guitar Championships is criss-crossing the country, searching for that one American with a certain airness that will best represent us at the World Championships in Finland. The the tour kicked off at the B-Ballroom, which happened to be celebrating its 10th anniversary on the very same evening. Hosted by Björn Türoque (that's 'byorn to rock' for those who can't finger it out) and judged by Daily Show fella Jason Jones, Willie Giest, and two record label dudes, 21 courageous performers, ranging from beyond rawking to beyond awful, took to the stage with nothing but air. The field was then narrowed to five finalists, and the top three finishers were by far the creme de le menthe. Some fatty mcgee calling himself Air To The Throne took the top prize by exposing a thong in his final performance, but he didn't have the spunk of former US champ Hot Lixx Hulahan, who swung from a curtain, our our personal flav, Shreddy Mercury, whose wife earlier 'wooed' the judges in a salacious way to get her man a higher score, which got the crowd to chant 'Shreddy's Wife' over and over. If that's not love, then let Mola Ram take our heart out