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Monday, May 19

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The Chronicles of Narnia:
Prince Caspian

Caspian See Worthy
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With news of two Hobbit flicks on the horizon, our LOTR void doesn't seem quite as large as it once was, but that doesn't mean we've completely given up on jonesing for it dight and nay. That's where the Narnia Chronicles perfectly fits in, as their cinematic versions are like kiddie LOTRs. They're also less muddled (and almos more entertaining) than the Potter movies, which suffer time and time again from trying to cram so much story (and that poinltess broom game) into so little time. Narnia 1 [TWS review with complete deconstruction of its DNA kiss and make-up] wasn't beyond fraztastic, or thunderome for that matter, but it was what it needed to be and that was purty above aiiiiight with us. Narnia 2 is overall a lot better than 1, cause the action is grander (although you never see any blood), and while it may not be as magical or mythical as the first one, it's more human, and therefore easier to sink yer teeth into

Caspian finds the four Pevensie kids (btw, why are all the male kids in that family so fargin hot, like William Moseley, who auditioned for the Harry Potter lead, and the girls are juss so plain jane, although we can't really talk smack about Judy Garland doppelganger Georgie Henley, who isn't even of a Bat Mitzvah age yet) a year removed from their adventures through the wardrobe. They've been summoned back to Narnia, but in that world 1,300 years have passed, and everything they knew has pretty much been destroyed. Luckily for us, that means less talking animals, although there are still some, like an annoying Eddie Izzard voiced mouse. Anywho, they've come back to help Prince Caspian (played by Ben Barnes, who's acting is as wooden as the swords we used to buy at the Renaissance festival) reclaim his throne from his evil bearded uncle and evil bearded friends, and eventually become the new king of Narnia. That's purty much the story, which takes a lil bit o thyme to get going, but once the action kicks in, this thang is totally sweet! Plus we get lil cameos from Wes Anderson and Arslan/Jesus/Liam Neeson's voice, which almos made us cry when he eventually showed his mane. Not sold yet? Well, where else are you gonna see the giants of acting dwarfdom, Peter Dinklage and Warwick Davis, chew up the scenery together or punch people in the groin (please note that they don't punch anyone in the groin, although they should have cause its much easier for dwarves to do that than taller people)?

Step-Up Son: CS Lewis' step-son, Douglas Gresham, has not only co-produced each of the movies, but also has had a cameo in both of em. Here's a nice lil article on him growing up in the house of CS, but not about growing that awesome mustache of his

Death Became Them: CS Lewis died on the very same day that Kennedy was gunned down and Aldous Huxley kicked it, November 22nd, 1963

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Caspian is currently playing at a theater near Jews

until next thyme the balcony is clothed...