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Thursday, April 17

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Where in the World
Is Osama Bin Laden?

Unintentionally Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
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When reviewing the super gimmicky, yet super effective Super Size Me [TWS review] we flazamed, we 'don't see much of a future for [director/McDonalds ingester Morgan] Spurlock, unless he attempts to eat Popeyes every day for a year.' Well, Spurs didn't heed our advice for his follow-up and decided to tackle a topic, which many of his fellow documentarians have recently taken up ad nauseum, that is way out of his league. Ya see, not like anyone really cares, but Morgs is about to have a baby with his wife Alex, and being a pseudo-adult, he's wondering if this world is safe enough for a kin of Spurlock. So he takes it upon himself to find out by heading to the Middle East hot spots and try to answer the film's title problem. Or so it seems, but it's like he's going up the river without a paddle, or even a boat. If he wanted to answer that golden question, he needed to speak with an entirely different set of people. Not that it woulda mattered anywayz, cause even if he did met with more appropriate talking heads, he wouldn't have posed the right questions. The (wo)man-on-the-street interviewees we do get to spend time with are worth listening to, but the vanilla queries he poses shoulda given birth to a title more fitting like, Hey You Muslims, What Do You Think About America and Americans? A for the sorta effort pal, but B for stick to the burgers

Photochop Salad: is there anything butter than Super Thighs Me?

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Constantine's Sword
Holy Cross To Bear
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James Carroll is one incredible man. He's a former Catholic priest turned outspoken writer and critic of the Church's policies and practices, yet he has always remained a man of deep faith and devotion. His book Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews - A History, if you couldn't guess, explores the deep connection between antisemitism and the Catholic Church's ongoing love affair with it, from the death of Jesus, to Constantine's conversion to Christianity, to Hitler's final solution. Six years after the book's successful release, soft-spoken, but hard knocking Carroll has teamed up with filmmaker Oren Jacoby to deftly paste images to the text. In the doc, the two go a step further and draw parallels from past actions, where church and state walk hand in hand, to the present day, where America seems to be involved its own holy war against Islam. All of this may not sound like some revelatory epiphany, but it's refreshing to have someone from within examine it, instead of the usual suspects, aka the Jews. Yes, even us Jews are sick of Jews talking about antisemitism

Carroller: don't confuse our man JC with the other JC, of Basketball Diaries fame

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Breast In Show

The First Saturday in May
Win, Place, Show & Tell
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If you can decipher what event the title of this doc is referencing than you'll be more downs than Churchill to czech it out. If not, don't be afraid, cause it's never too late to make a run for the roses. Still haven't figured out what the devil and Max Devlin we're talking about yet, even with the pic of all the purty horses above? The event is The Kentucky Derby, the first and most important leg of horse racing's Triple Crown, and it's been held every year since 1875 (although the inaugural race didn't land on the first Saturday in May, BASTARDS!!!). This doc isn't a history of the event, but a look at six colorful trainers, from all different backgrounds, and their beloved equines, as they attempt the impossible: have their horse become one of lucky twenty thoroughbreds, out of the 40,000 born each year, to be selected to run in the derby. The directors, the brothers Hennegan, couldn't have picked a more perfect year to follow, 2006, the year of Barbaro. If that doesn't ring any bells, we won't expound any further, so you can experience the ride from start to photo finish. The Derby is known as 'the most exciting two minutes in sports', and it's a pleasure to have a film that documents everything leading up to it, which may not be as exciting, yet is equally as fascinating

What's In A Name: a site all about how Barbaro got his

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Jeepers Worth A Peepers

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