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Wednesday, February 13

Dinner City Pressure

8-year old Conchords fan Verity Armitage is a Mel in training wheels [Secret Conchords show packs tiny store]

two words we don't want to hear ever again
writer's strike
luckily we won't have to, for now
E! breaks down what the dealio be with all the shows

Señor Spielbergo has only room in his heart for one Olympics. So why don't you go ahead and watch the bestest movie of 2005, AGAIN

Señor Wences

The Col-Pop, an All-in-One Chicken Nugget and Soda Cup [Cuzin Dano]

Pet Peek, so your dog can sorta look like an astronaut, without leaving the yard!

boobies, you can drive my car [purty much NSFW]

who knew that we were so world renouned and readjectived?!

what the ufck is Seychelles?