Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, February 4

Bill Belichick's Like School
In The Summer...
No Class

we've seen a lotta crazy shit in our time
like a chick making sweet sweet love
with a banana, a cucumber, a carrot and a hairbrush
but David Tyree's swan(n) like catch
with Rodney Harrison all up in his razzle
is about as Arkham Asylum as it leo getz
and helped to erase the boringness
that was the first 3 (RW Mc)quarters

and you know what a Giants Super Bowl win means, right?

and juss in case u missed the link on Frydaze: Casting Super Bowl: The Movie

and bi the gay, how thumcredible was the Giants' logo that adorned their '75 helmets?

and bi the gay pt II, how AWFULly hamazin does the Speed Racer movie look?