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Thursday, January 17

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Cassandra's Dream
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Before the Woodman headed off to sunny Spain for his next joint, he handed in what appears to be the final pic in his unofficial British trilogy, Cassandra's Dream. It's uneven affair that aims for Match Point [review] fervor, and while it may not be serving ace after ace, we'd still say it wins a lot more sets than Scoop [review], and is miles (or is it kilometers?) away from the East Coast double-fault dreck that he'd been handing in earlier this decade. C's Dream focuses on two working class brothers, Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell (you can tell that they're brothers cause they have the same hairdo), who are working real hard to move up to the next class. But when they're both strapped for cash they turn to their beloved money-bagged uncle (the always solid Tom Wilkinson) for help. Little do they know that he in turn needs their assistance, for a most awful deed: offing a colleague of his who could ultimate ruin his life. The boys have a big decision to make, which could also ruin their own lives. WHAT TO DO, WHAT DO TO!!! What they do do, carries the movie. Everything else, like Ewan's quest to bag supercutie Hayley Atwell (playing the ScarJo role in this one), their struggling ma and pa, and Colin's bird and betting problems, gets too little attention to make this baby a Breast In Show-er. The denouement is purty good, but it clumsily comes about too quickly to leave the mark it wants to. Anywho, we have no real reason to complain about anything, hispecially since Allen's European vacation has been the bestest one since the Griswold's [NSFW].

Leigh High: looks like the Woodman is fan of director Mike Leigh, or at least of the cast from his Vera Drake. 8 of its actors have either appeared in Dream or Scoop. Our flavs? Phil Davis who plays the marked man in this one, and Fenella Woolgar, who simply has the greatestist name mt EVERst

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Cassandra's Dream opens tomorrow in limited theaters

Rental Round-Up Dawg: skip the hype and Rescue Dawn altogether as Werner Herzog's own shorter doc on the same incredible events, Little Dieter Needs to Fly, is much much more effective and memorable. another doc you can't knock is Charles Ferguson's gut-wrenching No End In Sight. had something like this been released in the '04 instead of Leni Riefenstahl's Fahrenheit 9/11, maybe it would have actually prevented people for voting for Bush. and lastly, we'll never shut up about David Fincher's Zodiac (more on that when we drop our 'breast of' shortly), esp since we know you haven't seen it. well, even gooder things come to those who wait/wasted a year... the 2-disc super amazing awesome Director's Cut includes fab-tab-ulous making of features + two franztastic docs about the murder cases and the prime suspect. a must for anyone with eyes. even Britney loves it

until next thyme the balcony is clothed...