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Thursday, December 20

There Will Be A Review

There Will Be Blood
Double, Double, Oil and Trouble
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When the topic of who the greatest living actor is arises, the name Daniel Day-Lewis doesn't always seem to get a mention. Maybe if he acted a bit more often than he did (this being only his 3rd movie in a decade), there wouldn't even be a discussion on the matter. So when DD-L sinks himself into a meaty role, whatever the film, it is indeed worth watching. Take Gangs of New York for example. We've been quite lucky to erase most of that overbloated mess from our memory banks, but we'd never want to forget Day-Lewis' cunning performance as Bill The Butcher, a character which still haunts us to this day. There Will Be Blood finds Day-Lewis in a similar place, a 2 1/2 hour plus period piece where there will be mustaches, but this black gold tale fares a heckuva lot better than Scorsese's old New York story. While we were a bit befuddled by what the movie was eggzactly trying to say, we still couldn't help but being mesmerized from the first frame to the last (even during the slow boring parts!). Props de leon galore go out to director Paul Thomas Anderson, who for once makes a pretentious movie that justifies its pretentiousness. Also lending a helpful hand are DD-L's Ballad of Jack and Rose co-star Paul Dano (your probably know him better as the quiet kid in Little Miss Poopshoot) as a manic man of the cloth, and Radioheader Johnny Greenwood, whose score was one of the mos bone-chllin we've heard since Wendy Carlos' work on The Shining. Blood comes awfully close to being a masterpiece, and could of been had roller skates [NSFW] been invented back then. Why? Cause then and only then, there would have been boobs!

Marfa My Dear: Blood joins No Country For Old Men and the other oil epic Giant on the small list of movies filmed in Marfa, Texas

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): for D D-Lewis's work alone, this thang is Breast In Show

Blood opens in limited theaters on 12/26

until next thyme the balcony is clothed...