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Wednesday, December 5

Kid & Play Doh!

Billy The Kid
Adolescence & Sensibility
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High school was fun whilst wees was in it, but looking back, we're kinda glad that our time in that pimple and braces penitentiary has already been served. Shiz be a mighty tuff time for any kid. You start growing physically, as well as mentally, and all the while you have to deal with fitting in with your peers. For small town teen Billy (the 'kid' namechecked in this doc's title), he's got to deal with the same typical problems that everyone else his age has to, but with a few more issues heaped on top. His biological father is out of the picture and you can quickly see how that has had an effect on his insecure soul. But nothing past or present could stand in this kid's way. Cause he's got gumption, and a rat tale, and a love for heavy metal, and a million other things and he'll tell you all about them, even if you're not listening. When he's not trying to win over a local girl's heart, he'll end up owning yours, like he owns Jean Reno's. This may not be the mos overpowering doc you'll see this year, but Jennifer Venditti's winning debut is certainly the mos honest one we've seen

Netflux Capacitor: Billy reminded us a lot of another troubled soul whose life was also very documenterrific, Daniel Johnston. If you haven't already, peas see this doc about him and the devil

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Breast In Show

Fair Tale
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While Disney has a long history of cartoons mixin' and minglin' with real life peeps (Mary Poppins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Pete's Dragon, Bedknobs & Broomsticks and our personal flav, The Three Caballeros), sirprizingly, they have never had one of their animated characters transform into a human in the flesh. That question mark has now become a period, or maybe more like a semicolon, with the release of Enchanted. With that golden premise, the possibilities were endless, but the final product didn't really capitalize on what could have been. Spankfully, the cast make up for the vanilla script by pouring about 28374 mo z's to the phrase 'jazz hands'. Everyone sez that damsel in dis-dress Amy Adams saves the movie, but why no mad love for Susan Sarandon or Timothy Spall (his guy incognito Italian waiter bit could have starred in its own movie!)? Or what about James Marsden? Besides Josh Brolin, dude is secretly having the bestest year mt EVERest. Usually known for his bore-tastic role as X-Man Cyclops, he's seemed to struck acting gold as a ham and cheesy actor. He rox it here as prince smarming and did it earlier this summer as Corny Collins in the Hairspray [ review]. So to sum up, Enchanted is plenty o cheese, light on the meat, but still tasty enuffm to take a bit out of

Lick My Naples: a court in Italy has ordered that Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, his girlfriend Daisy and Tweety Bird appear in court to testify in a counterfeiting case!

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Billy The Kid opens in select theaters today
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