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Tuesday, November 6

The Twelve 'Musical' Chairs

Young Frankenstein
They've Created A Monster... Hit
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What knockers.

Abby Normal.


There, wolf. There, castle.

Frau Blücher
[horses whinny].


Outta all of Mel Brooks' films, these lines of dialog from his classic Young Frankenstein have gots to rank near the top of any list as his mos memorable and hilarious. And after the critical and commercial phenomenon that was the 2001 stage musical of his The Producers, it's the biggest no-brainer (pun intended) going that Young Frankenstein be the next Brooks ditty to hit up the Great White Way. While we didn't catch The Producers on stage, we can only imagine how s'wonderful it was, based on how much fun we had watching Young Frankenstein come alive with song and dance right before our very own eyes.

There may not be a big name up on the marquee like Nathan Lane or Matthew Broderick, but the cast they assembled for YF had no problem filling in the giant shoes left by their cinema counterparts. Roger Bart, who was a part of the original Producers cast and probably best known as Bree's murderous pharmacist on Desperate Housewhores, udderly shines as Dr Fronkensteen. Hopefully this starring role will be the launching pad for more juicy roles to come for him beyond the stage (at least beyond Hostel II). He's joined by the priceless Andrea Martin (SCTV superstar and crazy Greek Wedding aunt), the beautiful Sutton Foster (that chick subjected to the Conchords' 'If You're Into It' seranade) and the mos delicious Christopher Fitzgerald, who as the eye-poppin Igor effortlessly carries the entire show on his humped-back. Megan Mullaly, Shuler Hensley and Fred Applegate round out the cast, but their roles don't shine as bright as the aforementioned foursome. Tickets for this will be hard to come by, but if you can do it, it's totally worth a roll in ze hay. During the final bows, there's a joke about Blazing Saddles becoming the next musical, but for everyone's sake, I hope they aint kidding. Pass the beans

Imagine That: supposedly Hugh Jackman, Tom Cavanagh and Jimmy Fallon were all considered for the role that Gene Wilder made famous, before they went with Bart, who was then slated to play Igor. Also, Kristin Chenoweth was penciled in as a player, before she stepped out for Pushing Daisies

YF opens Thursday, November 8th at the Hilton Theatre in NYC