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Monday, November 5

Ten Things I Sphinx I Sphinx I Sphinx Without A Sphinxtor

1) I sphinx King Tut is totally more bangable than your mummy, despite having a butta face

2) I sphinx the Pats are damn good, but also damn lucky. Lucky in a sense that the rest of the NFL teams, besides the Colts and the Cowboys, are beyond awful. They're going to lose at least one game this year, and it's gonna be at the hands of one of their lesser divisional foes. I know that sounds more chris than luda, but I totally have an itch about the their next game after the bye in Buffalo. Lee Evans and Marshawn Lynch cannot be stopped right now

3) I sphinx that the rookie season of Heroes, which we juss finished watching on DVD, may be one of the mos solidesistest 23-episodeded debuts of a show mt EVERest. How about for a 12-episodeded beginner? Dexter. 8 eps? Twin Peaks. 6? The (UK) Office

4) I sphinx that if I were homeless, I'd totally scrape together $10 for the round-trip fare from Poo Authority to the Ghettolands on any given Sunday. Why? Think of all the leftover tailgating foods and beverages that go to waste once the game starts: ribs, burgers, dogs, donuts, chips, beer, you name it, and it's all free! Had I known how much of a poopfest the Skins-Jets game was going to be, I may have juss stayed in the parking lot and eaten like a king... Peter King that is! Dude is more mammoth than many a woolly!

5) I sphinx Ben & Jerry can do no better than their Cinnamon Buns flavor. Caramel Ice Cream with Cinnamon Bun Dough & a Caramel Streusel Swirl aint no wet dream, it's actually a frozen one!

6) I sphinx Fox Searchlight's Juno could end being being juss as overrated as their Oscar bait of last year, Little Miss Poopshoot. Doesn't mean that you shouldn't see it, hispecially fo free

7) I sphinx the UK's Retro Gamer mag is the coolest read since Ramona Quimby, Age 8

8) I sphinx über-adorable Jayma Mays needs some mo love in Hollywood. She's been on our radar since the '005, when she replaced Lohag as our redhead of choice (although the one down in the pic below is now top of the pops)

9) I sphinx the are two things one should not go a day without looking at: NSFW boobs and mustaches of the 19th century

10) I sphinx Halloween has replaced St Patty's day as the bestest drinking holiday. Costumes + beer = bestumes!!!

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