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Wednesday, October 31

Life Serial

Dan In Real Life
Awful Title, Awful Poster, Awfully Good
Trailer & Mo

Lets get something clear right off the bat that doesn't really need clearing up right or left off the bat: Dane Cook cannot act (unless memorizing lines counts as acting) , Juliette Binoche needs to be in more Hollywood movies (see Bee Season), and Steve Carell will succeed where Jim Carrey has somehow failed, by winning over audiences in both comedic and dramatic roles (Eternal Sunshine was amazin, but I wouldn't call it a hit with audiences). These are obvious truths that are made even more blatantly obvious when you see Peter Hedges' most enjoyable follow-up to his franztastic Pieces of April. Like with April, Hedges constructs a family unit that any one of us can identify with, cept this go around, the mood isn't as dire. This dramedy could have easily turned into a cheese-fest '87, but somehow it strikes the perfect balance between cute and cloying. DiRL is actually more akin to The Family Stone than April, but spankfully there's no horseface in sight. And like The Family Stone, DiRL will totally be the mos rewatchable flick whenever it hits premium cable, foREALs! And for those of you playing at home, Borat has juss displaced The Devil Wears Parda as the mos rewatchable flick on that channel that used to have amazing shows and now has Tell Me You Bore Me To Death With Old People Forkin

French Kisses On All Your Pink Parts: gawd bless you Juliette, and all the NSFW roles you take on

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Jeepers Worth A Peepers

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