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Monday, August 13

What's In A Name Inane?

while our mind is a nutter flutter over
the endless pastabilities that come with
these 6 official/tasty Indy IV titles...

Indiana Jones and the City of Gods

Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds

Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold

Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant

...we'd like to take a second to tawk about one of the more vague titles coming to theaters near jew:

besides an irate Chinese dude facing off against an equally irate British dude, what the fork is goings on here? I bet nuttin much. So munch so that if you renamed the film, it still wouldn't make one bit o difference cause it will still have to adorn what is probably the wurstest poster since XXX: State of the Union. Like my man Roman Troy Moronie would say, This is fargin war!