Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Friday, August 10

Lobot Highbot

Daft Punk
Keyspan Park
Coney Island
August 10th

I finally got an answer to that age olde question that has been plaguing scienastrologists for ages: What kinda concert do two French robots put on? Happarently one of the most RAWKinest ones mt EVERest and mt BLANC! With the imagery of Tron, THX-1138, the Star Wars arcade game, Intel, and the Masons, Daft Punk pieced together the mos bananas and grapefruit ear and eyegasams of this new century! While they may only be two dudes juss twiddling knobs to pre-recorded music inside a pyramid, I still wouldn't trade the eggspeareance in for 17 live Jimi Hendrix guitar solos. Wait, what the hell am I saying? Anyblaze, the non-stop mix they played got the usually tame/lame NYCers toe tappinin and hands clapinin from the get go to the get end. I mean, they may be robots, but they is human after all!

looks like the only thing I missed out on all night was this NSFW subway ride!

and oh yeah, the other nite at the Beacon, we totally JOed to Chris Isaak, juss like it was the '06

and oh yeah, schlappy 75th bursday LEGO!