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Thursday, August 9

A Complete Savage

forget about that 2% freshness for Daddy Day Camp, with such scathingness as 'a comedy for no ages' [NYPost], cause nothing will stop Fred Savage from ruling world. While he may be sluming it with Cuba for now, it won't be long before Hollywood changes its name to FredSavageGivesUsWood. I mean, not even Scorsese has da passion that Kev-bo gots. And it's not juss for movies. Take a bite outta deez sheezies:

Poker In The Rear Fanatic

Diseased Bears Fan

Natural History Buff
& McDonalds Pitchman

NES Power Glove Hater

Gay Superhero
Who Helps Keep Jason Hervey Employed

GI Joe Big Wheel Pimp

Molested Victim
of Child Toucher Howie Mandel

Smacked-Up Clarinetist
& VanDer Five-Head Annoyerer


Dark Wizard Who Can Make Judge Reinhold
Act Like Dudley Moore In Like Father Like Son

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