Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, August 27

America's Most
Livable Loveable City

I didn't have (t)high eggspectations goin into my trip to Pittsburgh, for Mr & Mrs Pibbums wedding weekend eggstravaganza, but after a whirlwind 48 hrs in Heinz' Ward, where I got HJs from both Sid Bream and Steely McBeam, the Steel City mos certainly hath steeled my heart!

think of the 'burgh
as a better Baltimore

with the world's only EWAY and TRIANG!!!

where their beautiful bridges

outnumber the total that Venice

and Nash's family gotz!

no trip to the land where three rivers meet
is complete w/o a stop at the Warhol Museum

which waRULES mo than Ja Rule!

while the Primanti Bros'
sang-wiches loaded with fries and slaw
are supposedly a draw

i found their pitts-burgher cheese steak
to be simply the pitts!

but the Iron City Brew

mixed with this motherload in my mouth
slightly made up for that poop sandwich

and all of that grease
was no longer the word
in my head after hittin up
P&G's Pamela's Diner

aka Best Pittsburgh Breakfast Winner
time and thyme again

where the chocolate chip & banana

are so effin da greatest mt EVERest
that a return trip to the City of Bridges
is already in the cards!

when staying at the Westin
56 degrees is = to about 75 duh jon gries

guess I shoulda stayed at the Igloo
if I wanted to stay cool

but their dual showerheads

is edward james ALMOS better than receiving head

Kwik, I'm running outta words
to say about the PGH

uh, go Steagles!?