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Wednesday, July 25

Wolfman's Got Nards
Turns 20!!!!

if you don't know who Wolfman is or why it's important that he does or doesn't have nards, then you obviously never had a childhood. Well, in less than three weeks (August 14th), Wolfman's got nards and the movie in which that mos unforgettable line is uddered turns a whopping twenty years bold! And for you slow hand Lukes out there, that movie be...

Yeah, biznitches! And in anticipation of this annie verse airy, a very special 2-disc DVD (including a bazillion interviews wit cast AND crew, deleted scenes, trailers, storyboard jounks, audio commentary, AND even more things AND stuff) is bein sold in stores EVERYWHERE!

Tis been ages since we last laid our eyes on the Squad, but after two long decades, the film still holds up to the awesomeness that my mind remembered it being. And lettuce be honest folks, how could a movie written by the dude who wrote Lethal Weapon, gotz creature creation by Stan Winston, and stars scary German guy, Ryan from Kids Incorporated, Bud Bundy's younger brother, Francis Dollarhyde, Mikey & Brand Walsh's mom, Uncle Rico, that kid, that cutie patootie (who was recently interviewed) & Wayne Arnold not stand the test of thyme?

Speaking of Wayne Arnold, purty odd, but we fingered out that he and his screen brother Kevin, who co-starred in The Princess Bride (look out for a Thighs lovefest for tits annier verse airy in Zeptember), both wore Walter Payton Bears jerseys in movies released in 1987!

Oh, what, you think we forgot to mention fat kid, aka

wellski, we wanted to send much love and respek to his real self, Brent Chalem, who mos sadly Peaced the Fork Out in '94. The Monster Squad would be nothing without him. Best in peace, yo!!

for even more madness, like that Horace GIFt of the gawds above, please get yer a$$ to I-Mockery. Otherwise, 'Rock Until You Drop'!!!

pee es - we is stoopid cause wees missed the 20 spot annie verse airys for Full Metal Jacket, Raising Arizona, RoboCop, Adventures In Babysitting, Dragnet, Mannequin, La Bamba, Spaceballs, Roxanne, Summer School and The Untouchables. Dooode, '87 was trez bestest!!!