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Tuesday, July 31

Thank Heavens For 1987

one of the only good
Joel Schumacher films
The Lost Boys
& its mos sweaty sax player

I-Mockery's tribute
'Cry Little Sister' by Gerard McMann [d] from the OST
Ghanaians eat maggots
Santa Cruz'sz Beach Boardwalk & other films filmed there
the Two Coreys reflect
Peace The Fork Out Granpa (death not caused by stereo)
what Alan Frog looks like today
what prince of darkness Paul looks like today
what Laddie/mini-Axl Rose looks like today
books on tape read by Edward Herrmann
Jack Bauer's VCR
Jason Patric & his two BFFs
Alex Winter's Pong & other projects
a list of fictional dogs, including Nanook & Thorn
Joel Schumacher's Tomatometer ratings
Jami Gertz, barely NSFW
vampire Billy Wirth proves his worth on American Gladiators
& I still haven't found what I'm looking for: Diane Wiest's vibrator from Parenthood