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Wednesday, July 11

Mr Pink Is In The Pink

Acting School Confidential

If yer casting a movie and lookin for the perfect fugly wormy guy, then Steve Buscemi is your man. And if you are seeking a beautiful ditsy blond, then Sienna Miller is mos certainly your woman. Put those two typecast characters together for one night only and what you end up with is a mos delicious meeting of the minds that they call Interview. Directed by Buscemi, Interview is a remake of slain Dutch filmmaker and Vincent van Gogh relative Theo's 2003 joint of the same name [trailer]. In what could have easily been a stagy yawn fest, Buscemi and Miller keep thangs moving as a snarky journalist and spoiled starlet, respectively, trading barbs from the get gogh to the get end. While Interview is thighly entertaining for all walks of life, it's really a showcase for both its stars to prove their detractors wrong. After many misfires, besides his work on some Sopranos eps, Buscemi demonstrates that he's quite adept behind the camera (I wonder if he's at all like director Nick Reve in Living In Oblivion). As for Miller, she's so easy on the eyes that mos of us overlook her chops o' acting. She basically played a piece of a$$ in Layer Cake [ review] and Alfie, and although sum eyebrows were raised for her fine work in Factory Girl [ review], the movie itself didn't focus enuff on the Girl for mos to take notice. In Interview, Miller plays a beautiful ditsy blond actress, but what she proves is that she's a beautiful ditsy blond who can act

I Want A Room With This InterVIEWee: hottie NSWer Katja Schuurman, who played the Sienna Miller role in the original version, makes a cameo at the end of Steve B's edish

Ripley's Bee Leave It or Snot!: I used to live down the street from Steve B in Park Slope, Brooklyn. One day, his family was holding a yard sale. I bought a solar system poster from them for one Ron Weasley dollar. It now resides on the back of my front door. You can SUNY purchase yer own identical, yet non-Buscemi, solar system poster here

Yer Cillian Me!: the future's bright for Ms Miller, hispecially since she'll be appearing in two upcoming flicks alongside Cpt Bestness, Cillian Murphy - The Edge of Love and Hippie Hippie Shake

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Jeepers, Mos Def Worth A Peepers•

Interview opens in select theaters this weekend, and elsewhere elsewhen

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