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Monday, July 2

Mother May I?

Introducing The Dwights
Simply Dwightful
Trailer & Mo!

My foreign melodrama theory of filmdom continues: take a simple story of family matters, film it in another country and let the laughter and tears commence. HowevsDOTorg, make that shiz within our borders, and it now becomes an 8th-rate run of the mill poop-de-loop that would be lucky if it aired on the Hallmark Channel. Spankfully for the sake of this movie and mine eyes and thighs, Introducing The Dwights is Australian born and breed, so therefore, it's a endearing flick that will easily charm the pants off of you (if you need additional help having your pants charmed off, please fill them with Lucky Charms until they do so). The simple story this go around involves the always bestacular Brenda Blethyn as a comedienne SLASH mother of two, who's even less funny than David Brent and even more doting than Mrs Bennet. She only wants the best for her boys (Khan Chittenden and Richard Wilson, who easily chips in the screens' mos entertaining mentally challenged character since... see Netflux Capacitor b-lo) until of course her boys start to have interest in love outside of the house. The drama unfolds as the mother who gave up her career to raise them comes to terms with a future empty nest. This is not a perfect movie, but then again, neither are the Dwights. If you've had enuff with this introduction, then proceed to meet them on yer own thyme

Netflux Capacitor: this aint the first time that BB played an overprotective mother of a very special son. For those who haven't, be sure to give the HIGHlarious Pumpkin [trailer] a twirl. I means, we didn'ts dub it our our 7th bestest pic pick of the '02 for nuttin!

Tasty Dwight: come 2 think of it, Dwight is a purty darn cool name. So, who be yo mos flavorite Dwight? Tim, Freeney, Yoakam, Evans, D. Eisenhower, Gooden, or Schrute?

Don't Be Cruel: sorry kids, alldough Emma Booth is kinda/sorta a cutie, she's also is a trippleganger for the Wayans Bros' White Chicks' chicks

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Jeepers Worth A Peepers•

da Dwights opens in select theaters on July 4th, and elsewhere, elsewhen

until next thyme the balcony is clothed...