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Tuesday, July 3

Merry Effin 3rd of July!

hows cums none of yous told me about this mon-pubis-e-mental moment in gaming?

V is back!

first pics of Falkor's sister, aka Mushka Barfon, on the set of Lezzing Out To Faux Russian Lezzie Muzik + bonus vid

Kwik-E-Marts, fo realsies!!!

Harrison rides Shia

to DI for: David Brent & Gareth Keenan tackle
'Free Love on the Freelove Highway', LIVE!!!

Lily Allen is a hotter Amy Wine-whore

MTV's Julie Brown, not of the downtown variety, is still alive!

Pinder's boobies on display again [NSFW]

Jack White, spear chucker

Diora Baird's next two flix are in the cans

Jodie Sweetin hearts pink tacos

Hayden Panettiere is Gonna Be Trouble

Bonnie Wright, still cloudin my brain, in all the wrong ways

Judge: Lap Dances Protected By Constitution

Pre-shmear mag's 25 Most Dangerous Movies

Stop Crying And Say 'Cheese'

Why is there braille on drive-up teller machines?

Federal Reserve System comic books!

Mr T Presto Magix

Где мы были, вам не скажем, а что делали, покажем... (часть 1) & Где мы были, вам не скажем, а что делали, покажем... (часть 2), aka effin crazy LEGOS!!!

Man Accused Of Stripping Nude In Hair Salon

Konami's secret bestest game with the word 'poo' in it? POOYAN!!


Tokyo Drift: You Can't Do It In A Barbie Car [YTMNDawg]

and before we vincent chase our van goghs...

tis curtains fo
Belle Miriam Silverman
the hills aint no longer alive
wit da sound of
Beverly Sills

1929 - 2007