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Tuesday, July 10

The Illadephia
Seventy Shiksas

The New Coke Can Design Is The Old Coke Can Design, But Better, which should not be confused with New Coke (I double dog dare you to drink a can), or even Diet Coke, which isn't new, cause it juss celebrated its 25th birthday!! [famerD]

Yaphet Kotto, secret Jew AND almost Lando Calrissian?

Where Daft Punk got their samples from [the often NSFW VOXEFX]

Zach Braff’s 10 Easy Tips for Writing Films About Twenty-Somethings®

screencaps galore of Katherine Heigl on Roswell

fartsy artsy Ratatouille posters

she WINSteads all the time!

[Sup Pics]

the ultimate Movie Pooper: Paris Je T'aime

Uncle Ben, CEO? A slideshow of racist spokespeoples

the gayest Mola Ram-George Lucas picture mt EVERest

[Twister Duvet]

Nintendo Post-It Art [NotCot]

President Jimmy Carter and the 'killer rabbit' [S-Dope]

SI's Bestest Athletes by Number: 00-31, 32-65 & 66-99... wonder how Jeter feels being beat out by a horse!

Save The 76 Ball!!

I'll have the hot pastrami please

Nuts Mag Gives You A-Z Babes/Boobies [Boobie Blog, all NSFW]


&, is it foo-ball season yet or juss COX blocking season?