Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, July 9

Free Adverthighsements

there be sum thangs
that wees been lovin dis summer
so we thought
that u outta know
what sum o dez thangs wees be summer lovins!

the songs & vids of
Flight of the Conchords

aka Spinal Tap/Tenacious D/TMBG/Weird Al/Wes Anderson
all rolled into one half-hour of bestness

& the Conchords'
beer-larious #1fan
Mel/Kristen Schaal

who looks like a thyghbrid of Paul Reubens & Miranda July

da buildings and thangs in

Preservation Magazine

watching one of the greatest rivalries of balls thyme

Nadal v Federer
again & again

Ben & Jerry's latest creation

that's so yummy
that it don'ts matters that
they stole their logo
from the Banana Splits!

the color tile madness

that be Rummikub

AMC Theatres' mos rewarding

MovieWatcher program

da golden trailer for

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

a hand dryer

a novel idea
by the fine folks at Dyson


the grand game show ghettoness of
Card Sharks

but only the Jim Perry hosted
April 24, 1978 - October 23, 1981 versh

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