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Friday, July 13

Baffin Fappin Bay

Say what you will about Michael Bay's films, but spray all over yerself at will when you fap to these beauties that have appeared in his films & music videos


Megan Fox

Rachael Taylor

The Island's

Scarlett Johansson

Siobhan Flynn

Bad Boys II's

Gabrielle Union

Renee Reilly

Denise Quiñones

Cash Casia

Pearl Harbor's

Kate Beckinsale

Jaime King

Jennifer Garner

Sara Rue


Liv Tyler

Shawnee Smith

Grace Zabriskie

the Aerosmith bitties who be makin us
'Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)' vid

The Rock's

Vanessa Marcil

Sean Connery

Bad Boys's

Téa Leoni

Marg Helgenberger

Lisa Boyle

the busts in the
Who shot Alexander Hamilton?
Got Milk? ad

the beauty to Meat Loaf's beast
that would make him
'Do Anything for Love (but I Won't Do That)'

One Wilson and A Phillips
But No Carnie
who would make my penis cry
in the vid for
'You Won't See Me Cry'

the girl Winger
'Can't Get Enuff' of

Great White's groupie sluts
that always
'Call It Rock n' Roll'

all da girls that
Young MC be sayin
'That's the Way Love Goes' to

da Divinyls' Christina Amphlett
who's bazoongas
make me want to
'Touch Myself'

the girl
who Vanilla Ice sez
'I Love You' to

Playboy Video Centerfold's
Kerri Kendall


Richard Marx' 'Angelia'
who may actually have less hair than Mr Marxie

fappinspiration by Time Werespanko aka Tom Wellington the III

& after ye dunn fappin, go see Transformers, even if it's yer 2nd thyme!!!