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Thursday, June 14

A Win-Winstead Situation

it's been almost 6 months since we first/last uddered Mary Elizabeth Winstead's tri-reffic name

but please don't sphinx for a moment that we've ceased to JO in her name since then, even with the Sum Meritus that was Grindhouse! Find recent hi-res love at DontLink and bestness since sliced bread declaredness from UG

Hollywurst keeps choosen' & losin' with their lamer than lame idears: Pacey as Fletch F Fletch AND the African-American Big Chill

who knew that Mark Paul Gosselaar was married, had a kid and long hair? Hell, I'm juss glad that he's still alive

Netlix goes live on location again this summer, and I guess, based on the awfulness that was the Kevin Costner Band rockin at the Field of Dreams last year, they've lined up even mo awfuler actor bands, such as Dennis Quaid and the Sharks, The Bacon Bros, and da Bruce Willis Blues Band.

for del ladies: Jude Law's junk [NSFW]

have lunch with Darrell Green and his smile!

Sarah's Ballgown from Labyrinth

How to make meatshorts for Dick Cheney or your friends

What's the origin of the question mark?

Someone in this room...

our newest mos flavorite NFLer: Ah You! [Jewanicure]

I'm also looking forward to seeing Dave's reaction

Chicken Fried Bacon Strips!

and this Mich-a-gun cop who ODed on pot brownies story was apparently so darn good that two diff peeps sent me the item, in two diff news reports...