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Thursday, June 28

Endangered Spices

The Girls are ready to once again Spice up your life their bank accounts! And the play dates can be found hear on their sight

Wes Anderson's next disappointment with a killer sdtrk, The Darjeeling Limited, will open this fall's New York Film Festival

Alex Turner, Lily Allen, Dizzee Rascal and James Righton to form ghettoized Traveling Wilburys. Please, handle with care

da trailer for Noah Bambauch's The Squid and The Whale II: A Whale of A Good Time

The Gum interviews Paul McCartney, even dough he's dead

Virgin America's hymen to break at SFO this August

to hell with's limited official set updates and to heaven with the Unofficial Indiana Jones Movie Blog's unlimited set updates, includin a ton o set snaps!!

I am - Demi Moore Nipples of the Day

MD's Cabin John Park's beloveded Porky The Litter Eater becomes the world's first pink rapper

Yes, we do!

семья главных специалистов!

DON'T DO IT Olive Oyle, Wimpy aint worth it!!!

and in closing, we bid a doo-doo to...

Anne Elisabeth
Jane Claiborne


1929 - 2007