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Wednesday, June 27

Donna Summer ThighTunes

White Stripes - Icky Thump: every time they release an album, it's an event onto itself. And for good reason, cause with each new release, they make their previous album sound like yesterday's news. Every track here is bona fide bestness, hispecially, 'Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn' [d] , aka the mos stompiniest song since Zep's 'Bron-Y-Aur Stomp' [d]

Various Artists- Summer Of Love: Hits Of 1967: It was 40 years ago today... that a lotta smelly hippies headed to San Fran to eat crappy veggie food and drop out on bad brown acid. Whether you were there gettin experienced or not, Time/Life has assembled this thumcredible 38 song boxed treat (+ a bonus DVD) that captures the sweet sweet sounds of that summer. Although Jimi, The Beatles, The Doors, and a bunch of other luminaries were left out, you'll be too turned on tuning in to some of the bestest music ever created to even care. So, for all those going to 'San Francisco (Be Sure Too Wear Flowers In Your Hair)' [d]

Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová - Once Original Soundtrack: Great movies usually give way to great soundtracks, although lousy films also do the same (Judgment Night anyone?). But an eggstreme rarity is when the soundtrack IS the movie. And no film embodies this equation more than the sdtrk to Once [ review]. You may fall hard for these tunes, but we recommend that you 'Falling Slowly' [d]

Mark Ronson & Friends - Version: remember that hot arsed Lily Allen cover of the Kaiser Chiefs' 'Oh My Gawd' [QT stream]? Well that shiz was juss an appetizer for Mark Ronson's full-scale project of cover Versions. Pretty simple, and simply AWEsome. Not all of them are gems, but Robbie Williams' take on The Charlatans 'The Only One I Know' is trezzz many feeq!!

Elton John - Rocket Man: Number Ones: for those not too crazy about all the fluff that comes with a double-disc greatest hits package, this stacked 17-song collection is all certified hits. They have to be, or the packaging would be lying! Outrageous outfits while listening are optional

The Slumber Party Girls - Dance Revolution: Had I been tipped to the Saturday AM bestness that is CBS' Dance Revolution back in the fall of '06, this crapolicious sugary pop album woulda been a shoo-in for Top 5 albums of that year. Alas, we were late to the party, but that doesn't mean that the revolution is over. As show host DJ Rick would say, this shiz is 'off the couch!' Go on and 'Make A Wish' [d] and all your dreams will cum true