Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, June 18

CSThighs: Miami

Besides Cuban sangwiches, betting on Jai-Alai, and all dem hot bitties (in or out of the BK Lounge), I don't see what the big deal about Miami is. Sure, it's probably a nice place to be when it's winter elsewhere, but in the summerthyme, with all dat humidty, it's less desirable than driving over rumble strips whilst eating chicken strips outside of a strip club on the Gaza Strip. Anywho, despite all the schvitzin' and kvetchin', we still enjoyed our tweakend there, celebratin the nuptials of Chillary G and Double T...

Thighs Mistress didn't approve of
Wolfie Cohen's Rascal House

and happarently she's not alone
as this may be its final year of eggsistance

My name is Thigh Master
and like Ted Striker

I have a drinking problem

although she doesn't know how to do the
African Ant Eater Ritual dance

she does now how to sh%t on Kenneth Wurman's house
or as Ken sez in the edited for TV version:
'You HIT on my house!'

Baby Cooper

is almost as cool as Agent Dale

So it IS true that
that Story is Neverending

or how else do you explain the reappearance of the Nothing?

the sky's the limit for Evan Almighty

but the box office returns may ground any sequel talk

and the only thing mo scorchin than
the '06 Miami Heat squad

is the Reb Lobster that opened for bidness on my chest vagina

oh what, you want something equally as hot, yet totally COOLey?