Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, May 22


I guess they didn't take my advice from last year
cause this is what happened on 24 this season...



-Jack yelled

-Jack was calm and then he yelled

-Jack yelled and then he was calm

-Jack didn't yell so much when he had a beard

-Chloe made the Willie McGee 'Somebody farted' face

at least 8 times per hour

-Babe's owner is Jack's dad and he sucks

-Jack's brother totally got a great deal on a face & body lift

-Curtis is the latest victim of black man dies syndrome

-Kumar didn't go to White Castle

-Audrey Raines does her bestest Nell impersonation

-Marisol Nichols = MEOW

-Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov > Dmitri Gredenko

-Abu Fayed < Imhotep

-Eric Balfour scores < than Ed Belfour

-D.B. Woodside is probably the wurstest President since our current one and probably the wurstest D.B. since Sweeney

-Rob Lowe's brother is still a wuss

-Morris the Cat is almost more bangable than Morris O'Brian

-The Logans have more issues than a lifetime subscription to Variety

-Walid Al-Rezani may or may not like dinning Al-Dente

-Peter MacNicol has really turned his life around after Vigo possessed him

-no one can Matchett

-the Chinese hate Jack Bauer almost as much as they hate eating dog

-by the powers vested in me I now pronounce Powers Boothe the new Messiah

-Rick Schroder still can't breakdance

-no sign of Behroozz or Cuthbest or even Miles Papazian (not to be confused with Marty Papazian), what the ef and gee?

and how come Edgar Stiles didn't rise from the grave?


-more nothing

booop booop beeep

this season was almost as boring as Radiohead's new music

gawd bless the talk of reboot

and to all a good day night